Welcome to Darkroom Photographics

At Darkroom Photographics we believe every woman is beautiful and provocative, and that no matter her age or body type deserves to see themselves in a way that they may never have imagined. We believe there's nothing more satisfying than seeing a client in awe of her own beauty...

Through the Eye of the Lense...

Darkroom Photographics is based out of Edmonton. Alberta and consists of Photographer Rob and co-photographer/assistant and creative director Kyla, our goal is to make your experience as comfortable and relaxing as possible and all about you... We want to capture those beautiful nuances that make you who you are and bring out your provactive and sensual side, and to remind you just how beautiful and seductive you really are...
We offer an array of different photography services to cater to your needs, below is a sample of what we can do for you.

Glamour Photography

The Glamour photography session is great for Models or the lady that just wants to feel good about herself, strut her stuff and get a little noticed. Glamour photography is usually done in studio or can take place on location for a more personalized feel (There are many possiblities for different location ideas around Edmonton).

Boudoir Photography

Soft, sexy and sensual the Boudoir photography session is a gift to yourself as much as it is for the other half. The Boudoir photography session usually involves lingerie or less in a bedroom setting. The Boudoir Session can take place in studio or on location such as your home or in a beautiful hotel room.

Intimate Photography

The Intimate photography session we find is very similar to Boudoir but that it's done in anything from sexy clothing, lingerie or less, with the emotion and look being conveyed is a little more raw, provocative and teasing. For those Ladies that want their man to do a double take and take notice of her. The Intimate photography session can take place in studio or on location, be it at your home, hotel or anywhere private in the edmonton and surrounding area for that matter.

Couples Photography

We want to give couples the chance to share something special together with the Couples photography session, This type of shoot usually ranges from soft and sensual to the provocative and can be done in studio or on location in and around Edmonton to provide a more intimate feel.

Dudoir Photography

Dudoir Photography is getting more and more popular, so this photography session is geared to the men out there that wants something a little sexier for their better half or simply for themselves. Hey!!! why can't guys feel good about themselves too? again this type of photography session can be done in studio or on location throughout Edmonton

Nude 18+

The Nude photography session is pretty self-explanatory... But really, the human body is beautiful and amzing thing and with the right lighting it can be a very bold and beautiful statement. This type of shot consists of partial nudity, full nudity and or bodyscapes. Nude photography is better suited for the studio but can be done on location as well depending on the style of shoot you're looking for.

So please consider what we can do for you, and think deeply of what it is you want to evoke in your images. And when you are ready to create some beautiful photography let us know and we will work with you to find that inner goddess or stud...

Recent Projects

Here is a little taste of our most recent work from our portfolio.

We specialize in Glamour, Intimate, Boudoir, Couples, Dudoir and Nude photography in the Edmonton and surrounding areas.
We are always looking for fresh faces in our Portfolio, If you are interested in being one let us know...