What kind of photography do you do?

Glamour Photography: For those that want to feel like a model, this type of shoot can range from fun and sassy to sexy. we tend to keep this type of shoot from fully clothed to partially depending on the look and reaction you're after.
These sessions do not typically involve any nudity, if something a little more intimate is what you are looking for take a peek at our Intimate/Boudoir, Couples, Dudoir & Nude Packages.

Intimate/Boudoir Photography: We feel these styles are the same but different, and really come down to the woman and the emotion she is trying to portray. Both styles are usually shot in lingerie or less, but find Boudoir more soft and sensual and Intimate more sexy and powerful.

Couples Photography: This type of shoot is for the couple that wants something that is either sensual or a little bit more risqué

Nude Photography: this is pretty self-explanatory but usually ranges from implied nudes, bodyscape to full nude.

How do I book a session and how much will it cost?
If you would like to book with us please click on the Contact link above and send us a message to book your appointment, as well any questions you may have we would be more than happy to answer.
Package pricing can be on our Services Page.
A 50% non refundable deposit is required to reserve your session, With the remainder of the session fees to be paid at time of shoot.
How can I justify the cost for a session?
There are many factors that contribute to our pricing behind the scenes, from travel time to equipment and running costs. Some of which is the time preparing for the shoot and photography session time, to getting the images to you for selection/review and retouching your selections to perfection, then getting them in your hands for you to enjoy.
Can I bring a friend?
We like to keep the shoot as personal and intimate as possible to reduce distraction, but we ask to keep this to just one female friend if it makes you feel more comfortable. There will be an assistant always available to help with wardrobe, posing and such.
Hair and Make-up, Do I do my own?
We strongly recommend getting your hair and makeup done professionally, this will only further enhance your beauty taking your Images to the next level and making you feel like a super model. We can provide a makeup/hairstylist for your shoot.
Clothing... What should I bring?
We suggest that you bring clothing that is going to accentuate the parts of your body you want to emphasis on, if there are parts of your body you're not comfortable showing keep that in mind with you choices. Bring different colored garments, and things you might be fun and playful to dress up in, and don't forget heels or boots as well as anything jewelry or small props you might think of to make the occasion more personal.
What things can I do to prepare for our shoot?
A couple of things we suggest to help you be prepared for our shoot is.
Play around with different posing ideas you might like to do for the shoot and practice them a bit, this will help you get comfortable with posing and make it that much more natural in front of the camera.
Get a well-rested sleep the night before the shoot.
Ensure finger and toe nails are freshly polished or have no polish at all (This often-overlooked thing makes a big difference).
If you will be shooting in lingerie or less, please try to wear loose clothing to the shoot as this will reduce those pesky indents made by tight clothing such as bra's or tight jeans.
I'm not a model, I don't know how to pose...
Most of our clients are not models but I have found many of them rock in front of the camera as if they were...
As mentioned above practice some modeling poses you might want to try during our shoot, think about the emotion and reaction you are trying to portray.
Also, the assistant and photographer will also guide you with different posing ideas throughout the shoot.
How do I view the Images from our shoot and how do I order what I want?
Once our shoot has been completed you will receive an email (Within 24 hours) to access a private/password protected gallery to view your unedited images.
[View Demo Gallery] - password "demo".
Here you can select your images to order, Once the images have been edited you will be notified via email to review the image edits, the edits are subject to your approval or revision request...
What kind of retouching can I expect?
Retouching images is a very detailed and time consuming, Please bare with this process as we ensure that your finished images are to yours and our complete satisfaction.
Each of your digital images come in different color variations such as black and white, color, muted or others (Dependent on your request or photographers individual preference per image).
Enhanced Retouching can be applied to your images offering everything from basic color corrections and levels to Body sculpting, advanced skin retouching and more.
At an additional cost more complex photo manipulations can be requested (i.e Adding backgrounds/Image composites), please let us know during your selection process of any requests you may have
Will people see the images from our shoot?
Your images are only seen by you, unless you have given us permission to display on our website or social media and signed a model release form.